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Honeymoon Planning

Honeymoons perhaps aren't in my remit as they're not strictly part of weddings, but as they are so closely associated here are my thoughts on what, if any, worries could arise and how to help ensure they don't.

Firstly, never fall into the trap of leaving the arrangements for your honeymoon too late. Even if you're only going to a country house hotel 20 miles away for a couple of nights, you want to be sure you get the booking you want and preferably, the bridal suite! Also you may find that by booking well in advance you can negotiate a better price.

Don't overplan your honeymoon

When you're contemplating your honeymoon while relaxed, rested and refreshed months before the wedding, it's all too easy to think in terms of planning vigorous sight-seeing, strenuous tours, minimalist back-packing, energetic sports or other lively activities. What you must remember is that even if you are both 25-year-old fitness fanatics, you are going to be tired after all the exertions and stress of your wedding, and if your honeymoon journey is quite long you'll be tired because of that too. So even if you do want to spend most of the time playing tennis or climbing mountains, be kind to yourselves - plan in a few days of rest and relaxation first.

Remember to make arrangements for your wedding night

The old image of bride and groom driving off from the wedding reception to their honeymoon venue in a smart car dangling tin cans from the back bumper has become something of an urban legend. After your wedding, probably the last thing in the world you'll want to do is get in a car and drive somewhere - not to mention the undesirability of that in the light of drink-drive laws.

If you are going abroad or some distance away for your honeymoon it's probably best either to book yourselves a room at the reception venue, or at least nearby, so you can tumble into bed after the reception and have a good rest. Do yourselves a favour - save the travelling for later.

Don't push yourselves to make an early start next day

Even though it might be cheaper to book an early ferry or flight the day after your wedding, be kind to yourselves and allow enough time for a leisurely start and rush-free journey to the airport or other point of departure. You may have had a good night's sleep, but you will still feel tired.

Remember to sort out passports and other travel documents

This may sound ridiculous, but it is something that easily can be overlooked in the flurry of preparations for a wedding: make sure your passports are up to date, and do that in plenty of time. Passport renewal can take a while and you don't want to be worrying about that while organising everything else. Also ensure that you have your travel documents safely ensconced in the care of someone you trust, so they are readily to hand after the wedding.

Tell them you're on honeymoon

Some people shrink away from the extra attention they might get as honeymooners, but that's not necessarily a good idea. Normally if you book standard accommodations in an hotel the fact that you're honeymooners won't raise the price, but in fact quite the opposite - the hotel is likely to throw in some free goodies which probably are well worth having.

Pack for your honeymoon in plenty of time

Unless you're intending to leave a few days' gap between the wedding and your honeymoon, don't leave shopping and packing for the trip until the last minute. You'll have enough on your plate in the immediate run-up to the wedding without worrying whether that new bikini will fit or the rockclimbing caribiners are of the right size.


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